Uncle And His Niece: Taboo Legjob And Sex In Pantyhose – Tessa Fantasies

Uncle And His Niece: Taboo Legjob And Sex In Pantyhose – Tessa Fantasies

I have a new video scenario it starts with you as the uncle walking to the living room to see your little niece playing on her cell phone lying down on the floor on her stomach facing the camera dressed as a little girl in mini skirt, pretty pink girly panties, with little designs on them if possible. under the blue from the picture you sent me. pigtails, shirt tied in a knot, high hills & girly socks. (Speaking from the woman’s point of view now) he plays with his self staring at you as you try to entice him moving your butt side to side and even arching your butt a little for him as you play on your cell phone. This goes on for 2 minutes, until he climbs down onto the floor beside you asking you “so what game are you playing? You respond with a snotty attitude saying don’t bother me uncle, I know what you want to do to me. After pulling his pants down to his waist, & pulling up your skirt, He says “what’s that on the other side of you? as he climbs over you humping on you a little bit, for like 10 seconds. You roll your eyes as you silently continue playing on your phone. He does it again going back to the other side of you for about 15 seconds before he goes back to the floor beside you All as you still play on your phone facing the camera. After a minute he thinks thinks he hears a knock at the door and quickly dismount you fixing your clothes. After seeing that no one is at the door he returns to you taking his pants completely off to continue humping you from other angles including a view from the side and behind. He thinks you are completely distracted as he slowly & passionately humps you Nuzzling your neck making satisfying noises at the same time. You allow him to do so as you continue playing on your phone biting your lip as you are secretly turned on but you don’t want him to know that. The humping passionately goes on for about 3 minutes. As you passively ignore him. You’ve been turned over on your back as you allow him to fuck the gap of your crotch from a side angle and an angle from behind him. Even a security camera angle, as you passively ignore him still playing on your phone. While you’re still lying on your back he puts both of your legs up in front of him placing his cock between your pantyhose thighs for a little thigh fucking at A View From over her head then a view from the side for a few minutes. Then spreading your legs holding them back to run his cock across your crotch Circle. Then he lies down on top of you stomach to stomach grinding your crotch with your legs spread wide as he nuzzles your neck passionately grinding you heard making lustful noises at an angle from over red oh, from the side, and from behind him as you continue to play on your phone. before you stand up to bind over in front of the couch on your knees wiggling your butt to entice him to continue. Her uncle says I think you like this. She then pulls up her skirt smacks her butt and says come and get it boy to her uncle. He humps you from behind at an angle from the side for about a minute and a half until he pulls you to his chest reaching around you rubbing between your legs with one hand as the other hand plays with your breasts as you continue to play on your phone passively ignoring him. Then he Whispers in your ear can i fuck your pussy? She says no still staring at her phone as he plays between her legs. He says please let me fuck your pussy in a begging tone. She says no because your cock is to big for my tight little pussy.he then says to her, I promise you it won’t hurt. I’ll take my time and go in slow. Plus I can brake You in for your boyfriend so when you finally let him fuck You it won’t hurt l, so pleeeeease can I fuck You? She says okay yes but don’t come inside of my pussy because I don’t want to get pregnant. Cut to the next scene where there’s a hole in her crotch circle now and her panties are pulled to the side underneath the pantyhose. He penetrates her slowly as she pretends to ignore him gasping once he thrust into her tight little pussy hole. He gasps as he is startled by how good she feels saying your pussy is very hot and tight in her ear. He also mentions how wet it is from all of the humping. He says you she must have enjoyed it too. He starts to go faster and harder as he pounds her. She’s now grabbing the couch cushions as she is enjoying being fucked by her uncle doggie stile. He friendly fucks her harder and faster until she tells him to please stop before you cum in me. She begs him to stop for a while until she pushes him on his chest as his cock slides out of her pussy. After adjusting her skirt she walks out of the room upset. The next scene shows her uncle in bed with a angry look on his face. He says to himself how he can’t stop thinking about her grabbing himself under the covers. His niece then walks into the room on her cell phone bashfully asking him is he mad at her. He says yes because you didn’t let me finish. She says I’m sorry and I bashful tone. He says it’s rude to stop a man from finishing once he’s already inside of you. She didn’t says is there anything I could do to make it up to you. He says you know what I want. She thinks about it for a few seconds then says okay, & bends over the bed pulling her skirt up smacking her butt. He then continues to fuck her doggy style from the side of the bed at a few angles. He passionately says in her ear as he fucks her, promise you won’t tell your mom and dad about this? She passionately replies I won’t tell, Breathing heavily repeating I promise you I won’t tell, mom & dad, just don’t stop. Then picking her up putting her on the bed to fuck her in a few more positions and camera angles before pulling his cock out to cum on her missionary style interview from over her head. He been lays down on to the bed weaving heavenly she is just her skirt and ask now are you still mad at me. And he responds no I love you nice I really really really love you promise me you won’t tell your mom and dad about this. And she respond I promise I won’t tell my mom and dad about you Uncle. As long as you satisfy me the way I wish. She says to him you are now my and you will do whatever I tell you to do or else I’ll tell Mom and Dad. Then she leaves the room with a smile on her face. As he looks at her in surprise. The end….


Oh my God! I love the video Arthur. It’s so perfect. And. Tia is just a perfect goddess. I worship her. She’s the perfect female on this planet. Words can’t describe how much I love her. both of you together is so perfect. And the pantyhose you wore are so beautiful. Whatever you do don’t throw them away. I only wish they had them in pink because I have an idea for a ballerina video where Tia is the student and you are the Naughty Teacher.

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