Taboo Cousins Sneak Fuck in Many Rooms – Brittany Lynn

Taboo Cousins Sneak Fuck in Many Rooms – Brittany Lynn

A hot short hair blonde wearing a school girl outfit and black pantyhose is seen riding a thick cock. There is a hole in her pantyhose and she is taking full advantage of that dick. He then smacks her ass and says she is a dirty cousin. She agrees, saying they are more than kissing cousins, they are fucking cousins. The taboo fun just goes on from there. The two continue to fuck until they think they hear a big noise. She jumps off his dick and he scrambles to get his pants back up. They then act as if they are watching television. Next she is seen in the kitchen putting some things away. He comes in with his pants down around his ass and grabs her from behind. She is thrilled and bends right over the counter. After he lifts her skirt, he takes full advantage of the hole in his cousin’s pantyhose and starts to fuck her doggystyle. The two are loving the taboo sex when they again think they hear a noise and he pulls out of her tight cunt and pulls his pants back up to go see what the noise was. The nest time they are seen she is headed into a bedroom. She lays down on a bed and teases for her cuz to come to her. He obliges and spreads her legs in the missionary position then sticks his thick cock right in her wet cunt. The two continue to have taboo sex and he then turns her on her side. He is still sitting up and he fucks her good. She is concerned that they might get caught, but he is sure there is nobody around. He then pulls her up on all fours and starts to fuck her in doggystyle once more. After a bit more of the taboo doggystyle he flips her the other way on the bed and again fucks her in the missionary position, this time the angle is shown from overhead as he pumps away at his cousin’s pussy. After some more hard pumping he cums hard and deep inside her. The two sit there for a moment, both knowing how naughty their taboo actions really were. She then suggests he leave so they do not get caught. He does and she lays there talking about how great it was that she just took her cousins creampie.

Release: 05.03.2018

Price: $9.99 USD

Studio: Brittany Lynn

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Starring: Brittany Lynn

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Duration: 00:10:39 min

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