Sex-Ed Homework – A Taboo Fantasy

Sex-Ed Homework – A Taboo Fantasy

WHEN VIRGIN LILY IS STRUGGLING TO UNDERSTAND HER SEX-ED CLASS AT SCHOOL…DAD OFFERS TO SHOW HER THE ROPES! LILY IS DEFLOWERED BIG TIME! SHE CUMS 3 TIMES AND TAKES A LOAD INSIDE HER TIGHT YOUNG CUNT!! Lily is getting frustrated. She is failing sex-ed at school…and she things that the material is not making any sense to her, because she is a virgin. When her dad comes to her room to check on her, Lily explains the dilemma to dad. Dad tells Lily that she probably needs to experience all the material mentioned in the text book to fully understand it. With dad’s help, virgin Lily gets the FULL tutorial on sex!! To start with, dad teaches her what cunnilingus is. He hikes up Lily’s skirt and begins to lick her tight, young pussy. Lily moans with pleasure. To teach her the definition of orgasm, dad focuses on her clitoris and licks her to her first orgasm. Dad then shows Lily how the reverse of oral sex on the female works…by taking of his pants and showing Lily how to suck a cock. Lily even learns to relax her throat muscles and administer deepthroat!! Dad shows Lily what 69 is…when they can combine the two oral skills she has learned so far..and Lily experiences a second orgasm!! Next, the tow check the text book to see what else is in the curriculum and Lily questions what the missionary position is…so dad lies her flat on her back and mounts her. Dad goes very slow at first…but when she seems to enjoy it…dad really goes to town on her! Dad shows Lily spooning…and doggy-style, and when Lily starts to get flush and begins to sweat…dad senses she is aroused immensely and goes down on her again…bringing her to another earth shattering orgasm! Shortly after giving his daughter her third orgasm in 25 minutes…dad unloads inside of her…filling her up with a big creampie. Lily seems to understand sex much better now

Release: 22.03.2018

Price: $24.99 USD

Studio: A Taboo Fantasy

Keywords: Taboo, Blowjob, 69, Fucking, Creampie

Starring: Lily

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Duration: 00:27:52 min

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