Secret Admirer Step Brother wants Anal – Lydia Black

Secret Admirer Step Brother wants Anal – Lydia Black

Lydia has been receiving creepy letters from a secret admirer. She keeps finding them in more and more places and they same some very naughty things. Shes on the phone with her friend explaining how they are actually kind of turning her on when her step brother lets her know there was a package for her. She opens it to find a huge glass butt plug and another note from her secret admirer. The note asks her to go to bed on the couch with the plug in if she likes all of his notes, he wants to wake her up, surprise her and fuck her ass. At first she is creeped out but she love the plug and wants to find out who it is so she decided to do what the note says. Lydia is woken up by her step brother and is surprised to find out that he has been the one leaving the notes all along. But she has been dreaming about her secret admirer all night and wants her ass used so bad she agrees to continue to go along with it as long as her step brother doesn’t tell anyone. He finally gets to taste her ass and fuck it, making Lydia cum several times. Her step brother cums all over her tits and she licks up all his sweet cum

Release: 13.03.2018

Price: $14.99 USD

Studio: Lydia Black

Keywords: Anal, Anal Play, Taboo

Starring: Lydia Black

File Information

Size: 1691.3 Mb

Duration: 00:15:46 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4

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