Mom Knows How to Make Your Pee Pee Grow – Cum for Mommy

Mom Knows How to Make Your Pee Pee Grow – Cum for Mommy

Little boys have little wee wees. But Mommy knows how to make it grow into a big boy cock.
I interrupt little Johnny’s playtime to get started. As I fondle him thru his superhero undies, I explain this is just another way mommy has to help him grow up into my big boy. His little cock responds to my rubbing and I pull his pants off. His little boy cock is fully hard and I expertly stroke him as he squirms and moans. Daily handjobs started at a young age will help his penis grow to an impressive size for me. Oh, I have other plans for him and mommy wants a big, thick cock on her boy.
Little does he know how often we’re going to be playing this secret game. He’ll thank me when he’s older and the owner of pussy punishing dick. In fact, he should thank me now as he stiffens and releases his load of cum all over my hand.
Mommy takes such good care of her boy. 🙂

Release: 28.03.2018

Price: $8.99 USD

Studio: Cum for Mommy


Starring: Johnny

File Information

Size: 562.4 Mb

Duration: 00:08:01 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


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