Lost Bet – A Taboo Fantasy

Lost Bet – A Taboo Fantasy

WHEN DAKOTA SEES HER BROTHER’S COCK ACCIDENTALLY….SHE REALIZES IT’S HUGE!!! SHE WANTS TO FUCK IT REALLY BAD….BUT KNOWS HE WOULDN’T GO FOR IT. SHE COMES UP WITH A CLEVER PLAN!!! SHE MAKES A BET WITH HER BROTHER…SAYING THAT IF SHE LOSES…SHE’LL LET HIM FUCK HER…..THEN SHE LOSES THE BET ON PURPOSE!!!!! Dakota saw her Brother Connor accidentally in the shower one day….and noticed that her Brother has a huge cock!!! Dakota desperately wants to fuck get Fucked by her Brother’s giant cock….but she knows she can’t ask her Brother to Fuck her…..he would never agree to do it if she asked him. She is confessing this secret desire to her girlfriend on the phone….when Dakota comes up with a clever plan. Her plan is to make a bet with her Brother….that she will lose on purpose…..so that it will look like she is merely “paying a debt” by “letting” him Fuck her. She calls in Connor, and asks him to borrow his car…..knowing full well that he will tell her to Fuck-Off. Dakota proposes the Bet….”Let’s play a game of High Card Low Card….if I win….you have to let me use your car…..if you win….I’ll…..ummm…..uh…..I’ll let you Fuck me”. Connor can’t believe his Baby Sister is offering up her body to him…..but he agrees to the Bet!!! Connor draws first….and gets a 4!!! Uh-Oh….Dakota wants to lose…..so she has to hope for a 2 or 3. Dakota draws a card, and tells Connor that she drew a 3!!! To collect on the Bet……Connor tells her to get naked. The two Siblings strip naked and Suck and Fuck each other!!! Dakota is in Heaven as she sucks her Brother’s huge cock…and then takes the big cock into her tight, young cunt. Dakota is so happy to be finally Fucking this huge cock that she wanted so bad…..she licks up Connor’s cum after he ejaculates in her mouth!!! After Dakota has received what she was after….she leaves. Connor happens to pick up Dakota’s card from the game….and realizes something….she didn’t draw a 3 after all…..she drew a Jack

Release: 11.03.2018

Price: $10.99 USD

Studio: A Taboo Fantasy

Keywords: Taboo, Blowjob, Big Dicks, Fucking, Cum In Mouth

Starring: Dakota

File Information

Size: 752.4 Mb

Duration: 00:10:38 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


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