Laura pt.3 – Jill Kassidy – MissaX

Laura pt.3 – Jill Kassidy – MissaX

Laura has a mission for Jill. When Laura convinced Jill have sex with her godmother, it gave her the idea of the hottest foursome. It’s Laura’s ultimate goal to conduct the hottest scene between herself, and her puppets: Jill, Krissy, and Chad. In order to make that happen she must get Chad released from prison.
Chad has spent several months in the penitentiary, his perfectly manicured face has grown a beard, his muscles are bulging in his arms and chest from exercising in his boring concrete cell. He’s had nothing to do but mull over the night that Jill lied and told their parents, and then the police that he took her against her will. “How could she lie about me? My sister, sweet, innocent, and all I have done is protected her, tried to be the best brother I could be.. how could she?!”
Jill arrived a the prison and asked to speak to her brother, they initially told her she must sit in the visitor’s cubicle and speak through the phone, looking at Chad through the glass wall. That method would never give Jill & Laura the opportunity to persuade him, she needs to be in the cell with him, to touch him, to correct him if he tries to deny her. Jill used her feminine persuasion, her sweet voice, and soulful blue eyes, to be put in the cell with Chad to visit. Jill went through all of this trouble and the first thing Chad says to her is, “you need to leave.” Jill flung her petite body into her brother’s arms, “please.. I’m going to help you, hear me out.” Chad looks down at his sister, he’s furious at her, but he can’t help it– he loves her.”
Watch the story unfold..

Release: 03.03.2018

Price: $27.99 USD

Studio: MissaX


Starring: Jill Kassidy

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Size: 1440.3 Mb

Duration: 00:22:53 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


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