Knock Up Step-Mom – A Taboo Fantasy

Knock Up Step-Mom – A Taboo Fantasy

ANOTHER NEGATIVE PREGNANCY TEST MAKES STACY DESPERATE!! WHEN HER HUSBAND CAN’T SEEM TO GET HER PREGNANT…SHE TURNS TO HIS SON…HER STEP-SON DREW. SHE REASONS THAT HE HAS THE SAME GENETIC MAKEUP AS HIS DAD…NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!! SHE CONVINCES DREW TO BANG HER AND KNOCK HER UP!! Stacy loves being Married to John. He is an older Man who has a lot of money…and keeps her well taken care of. John, however has been shooting blanks in the bedroom….and Stacy has received yet another negative Pregnancy Test. Stacy is very depressed….as she desperately wants to be a Mom. With seemingly nowhere to turn…..she calls upon her Step-Son Drew…..with a “unique” favor to ask of him. Stacy figures that since Drew is young….since he looks like his Dad, only 30 years younger…..and since he has the same genetic makeup as his Dad….that Drew should Knock her Up…and nobody, including John would ever suspect that the baby wasn’t his!! It’s a brilliant plan!!! The tricky part is getting Drew to agree. A little sexy pouting…a little caressing of Drew’s crotch….and presto!!….Stacy has a willing sperm donor!! Drew climbs on top of his voluptuous Step-Mom and pumps her full of “baby makers”. Stacy crosses her legs to hold the sperm in for 15 minutes. She wants to make sure she is Knocked Up

Release: 03.03.2018

Price: $9.99 USD

Studio: A Taboo Fantasy

Keywords: Taboo, Impregnation Fantasy, Blowjob, Pussy Eating, Fucking

Starring: Stacy

File Information

Size: 931 Mb

Duration: 00:10:01 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


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