Keep It In The Family – A Taboo Fantasy

Keep It In The Family – A Taboo Fantasy

DAD DECIDES THAT IT’S TIME FOR HIS DAUGTHER TELLULA TO LOSE HER VIRGINITY. HE WANTS TO “KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY”….. SO HE GIVES HER A CHOICE…..DAD…OR HER BROTHER RUSS. TELLULA CHOOSES HER BROTHER…SINCE HE IS CLOSER TO HER AGE. AND HER BIG BROTHER TAKES HER VIRGINITY FROM HER!!! Dad has decided that his youngest Daughter, Tellula, is at the age where she should lose her Virginity. Dad has the “Virginity” talk with Tellula…..and explains that she should be Deflowered soon…..and that, keeping with family tradition….it should be with “one of her own”. Dad tells her that he doesn’t want her losing her Virginity to somebody off the street….unsure if they are clean etc….. so her Deflowering should be in her Family. Dad gives Tellula a choice….she can do it with Dad….or her big Brother, Russ. Young Tellula….frightened and scared…..tells Dad that since Russ is closer to her age….she chooses him. Dad calls Russ into his Sister’s room and briefs him on the conversation. Russ remembers that he, in fact, lost his Virginity to his Mom… he knows the drill. Dad tells Russ “I give you the girl…bring me back the Woman….” Dad leaves the two Siblings alone….and Russ proceeds to gently and lovingly Deflower his baby Sister. After licking her Virgin Pussy…and instructing her to suck his cock….Russ penetrates his baby Sister, and begins to take her cherry away. “OUCH …..OUCH…….you’re taking my Virginity!!!” Tellula cries out, as Russ Pounds her. Russ shows his baby Sister Missionary position…..Doggie-Style…..and Girl On Top position as he tutors her in the ways of sex. Russ finishes by filling her Pussy with his cum…at which point Tellula cuddles with her big Brother, and thanks him for initiating her

Release: 27.02.2018

Price: $14.99 USD

Studio: A Taboo Fantasy

Keywords: Taboo, Blowjob, Pussy Eating, Fucking, Cumshots

Starring: Tellula

File Information

Size: 1533.4 Mb

Duration: 00:14:17 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


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