It’s A Bet – A Taboo Fantasy

It’s A Bet – A Taboo Fantasy

MANDY MAKES A BET WITH HER BROTHER MITCHELL. IF HE CAN GO 2 MINUTES WITHOUT GETTING A HARD-ON FROM HER TOUCH…SHE’LL DO HIS CHORES FOR 3 WEEKS IF , HOWEVER, HE CAN’T RESIST HER TOUCH…HE MUST FUCK HER. MANDY WINS THE BET IN ABOUT 3 SECONDS!! HIS COCK TURNED INTO A BIG BONER IMMEDIATELY!!! MITCHELL PAYS HIS DEBT…HE FUCKS HIS BABY SISTER UNTIL SHE’S FULL OF SPERM. Mandy and her Brother, Mitchell are hanging out in the Family Room. Their Parent are away for the weekend….and they are chillin’. Mandy is reading a book….and Mitchell is watching TV. There is nothing good on TV….and Mandy tells her Brother about a Documentary she saw a few days ago……that talked about some cultures….(she couldn’t remember if it was in Africa….or Alabama lol)….where it is common and acceptable for Family members to have sex with each other. Mitchell scoffs at the idea….he tells her that even if two Family members WANTED to have sex with each other….there is no way that a male could get an erection for his Mother, or his Sister. Mandy disagrees….she thinks that a healthy male could…and would get an erection from being stimulated by a female….regardless of who the female was. Mandy, who actually thinks what she witnessed in the Documentary was kinda “sexy”…..decides to challenge Mitchell to a Bet. “Tell you what….let me play with your cock for 2 minutes….if you’re right….and it doesn’t get hard….I’ll do your chores for you for 3 weeks. If, however, it does get hard….you have to have sex with me”. Mitchell is shocked by the odd proposal from his Baby Sister….but sure that he will win….he agrees to the Bet, and pulls his pants down. Bad move Mitchell!!! Within SECONDS……basically as soon as his Sister touched his cock…it was standing at FULL Attention!!! Mandy smirks at the site of her Brother’s huge erection…not having to work very hard at all to induce it…and begins to take her jeans off….”A Bet is a Bet…you have to Fuck me now….”. Mitchell pays his debt….he Fucks Mandy until he fills his Baby Sister with a massive amount of sperm

Release: 05.03.2018

Price: $10.99 USD

Studio: A Taboo Fantasy

Keywords: Taboo, Fucking, Handjobs, Creampie, Petite

Starring: Mandy

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Duration: 00:09:30 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

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