Cherie DeVille’s Homeschool Sex Ed – Primal’s Taboo Sex – Cherie DeVille & Lolo Punzel

Cherie DeVille & Lolo Punzel – Cherie DeVille’s Homeschool Sex Ed_shot

Cherie DeVille’s Homeschool Sex Ed – Primal’s Taboo Sex – Cherie DeVille & Lolo Punzel

Cherie DeVille gives her homeschooled darlings a 1 hour 27 minute hands-on education in the wide world of sex in order to prepare them for college.

Lesson 1 – Mom Cherie starts with the basics, explaining, kissing, necking, petting and finally the importance of being able to deliver an amazing hand job for when her daughter doesn’t think the boy deserves BJ or sex but of course still needs to cum.

Lesson 2 – Mom now teaches both her son and daughter the best techniques for oral sex on a woman. They are shy but both do a very good job when mom tests them.

Lesson 3 – Now it’s time to demonstrate for her son and daughter proper blow job techniques. She lets her shy daughter take over and finish the job. Cherie explains that she shouldn’t waste a single drop.

Lesson 4 – For her son and daughter’s final lesson Cherie teaches them all the ins and outs of full sex. They are both still a little shy but are very good at doing as mom says.

Personally, I prefer split scenes, but I couldn’t find all four of these separately. So here is the single file combined version. (I’m not going to try and manually split them – I wouldn’t know what I’m doing and would probably screw it up.)
This is a great instructional roleplay vid. The son and daughter are very shy in it, but that actually adds to the appeal for me. Cherie does a fantastic job of coaching them through everything gradually. She is very good at parenting; nice and encouraging along the way, offering help when they mess up, and complementing them when they do a good job.

Price: $44.99 USD

Studio: Primal’s Taboo Sex


Starring: Cherie DeVille, Lolo Punzel

File Information

Size: 1.9 Gib

Duration: 01:27:18 min

Resolution: 1280×720

Format video: mp4


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