Brother and sister play naughty in their diapers – Diaper Domination – Venus

Brother and sister play naughty in their diapers – Diaper Domination – Venus

Baby Mikey and his sister Venus are in the nursery with all of their toys wearing nothing but t-shirts with thick diapers on. Mommy is away, so Venus and Mikey decide to play all through their naptime. The two play games with their stuffed animals and with each other, sweetly kissing and cuddling like very, very close siblings. They take their time having fun, smiling, and giggling along the way. But now that brother and sister are completely alone, they cant help but to get very naughty. It starts out as innocent play, just rolling around on top of each other and touching each others diapers. But both are quickly getting excited. When Mikey pulls Venus on top of him, she cant help bouncing and thrusting against his diaper. Soon the two are humping wildly with their diapered butts in the air. They know that its wrong because they are siblings but they just feel too good to stop. Even though Mikey is her brother, Venus just cant help but to pull his nice hard cock out of his diaper and start to play with it. She sucks on her brothers cock, pleasing him like a good sister. You see her sexy thick diaper in the air as she has her brothers big hard cock in her mouth. The two switch off giving each other spankings for being very bad , but this just excites them more. They are so turned on by playing naughty together that soon Mikeys hand ends up down his sisters diaper while she jacks him off. They masturbate each other hard and fast in their diapers as they writhe in pleasure. When the temptation becomes too much, Mikey orders his sister onto her hands and knees. He pulls her diaper aside to allow his cock to slip into her pussy. They fuck right there with their diapers on, not caring that they are siblings, or that its supposed to be their nap time, or that if they are caught by their mommy they would be in very big trouble. Mikey fucks his sister doggy style good and hard with their diapers on. Their thick diapers crinkle and pound against each other as they fuck relentlessly, losing themselves in their forbidden fun. Venus feels so good with her brothers massive cock in her that she insists on getting on top of him and riding his dick, making both siblings very happy and satisfied. They end up completely exhausted and pleased, not getting a wink of sleep. This is what happens when you leave a baby brother and sister unsupervised.

Release: 09.11.2017

Price: $40.99 USD

Studio: Diaper Domination


Starring: Venus

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Duration: 00:40:43 min

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