Bound and Broken – Primal Fetish – Mandy Muse

Mandy Muse – Bound and Broken_shot

Bound and Broken – Primal Fetish – Mandy Muse

Mandy has been spending extra time in the school’s chemistry lab, but not for her studies. As she’s heading out, the Professor catches her by surprise. He notices how tightly she’s clutching her papers and rips them from her hands. Sure enough, the papers hold a recipe for trouble. The Professor gives her two choices: his way or the police.

The Professor is going to teach Mandy a lesson and break her of her bad tendencies. He binds her to a chair with tape and uses Mandy’s phone to text the friend that is waiting for her. Now nobody will be suspicious of Mandy’s absence. Mandy struggles alone in her room, managing to knock the cell phone off the table. But the Professor returns and catches her before she can even come close to calling for help. This time, he ties her up with rope and gags her with a cloth. Again, she squirms and strains against her bindings. She is part way out of her ties when the Professor returns, but not nearly enough to escape.

It is time to take Mandy’s punishment to the next level. The Professor strips her naked and ties her up with rope on the floor. Gagged her with her own panties, she struggles and squirms in utter hopelessness.

***The scenarios depicted within this video and its previews consist of role play games in which all participating parties have fully consented to all demonstrated activities. Every measure was taken to ensure the actors’ safety and well being throughout the production of this content, and participants maintained clear communication with the crew at all times to ensure a safe performance. These stories are intended to depict purely fictitious, fantasy situations.***

Price: $19.99 USD

Studio: PrimalFetish


Starring: Mandy Muse

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Duration: 00:38:47 min

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Format video: wmv


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