Blowing Daddy In The Family Van – Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films

Blowing Daddy In The Family Van (WMV LoRes)_shot

Blowing Daddy In The Family Van – Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films

You and your daughter, Katy Faery, are headed out to meet friends at the local swimming hole. Katy has you pull over before getting to the spot- to have a little chat. “Thanks for pulling over, Daddy.” She tells you that she knows you are wearing really loose pants, and you have been staring at her in her new bathing suit. Your daughter knows how much you like this new bikini on her, and she can see how hard your cock is through your pants. Katy reaches over the seat, and grabs you through your shorts. “You can’t go to the swimming hole like that, people are going to wonder what’s going on!” Your perfect princess tells you that she was thinking maybe she should take care of you, before you two get to the swimming hole. “Would you like that, Daddy?” Katy tells you that she just doesn’t want anyone to see your hard cock, and say anything bad. She leans over the seat, and starts to rip off your shorts. Katy grabs your cock, and starts to suck the tip of it. “Do you like seeing my tiny body in this new tight swimming suit?” Katy licks up and down your shaft, then takes all of your cock in her mouth. Katy tells you that you wouldn’t have lasted a minute at the swimming hole. You would have lost it after seeing her come out of the water, all wet, in her tiny new bathing suit. She bounces her head up and down as she sucks your cock. Katy licks the tip of your cock, “You better hurry and cum, Daddy.. We don’t want to miss our friends.” Your daughter continues to suck your cock until you cum all inside of her mouth. Katy sticks her tongue out, with the cum still in her mouth. She swallows all of your hot cum, and even gets the little bit on her chin off with her finger, and licks her finger. “Yum… You taste good, Daddy!”

Release: 23.07.2018

Price: $7.99 USD

Studio: Katy Faerys Forbidden Fetish Films


Starring: Katy Faery

File Information

Size: 590.5 Mb

Duration: 00:05:24 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


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